Watch Dirty Projector’s short film Hi Custodian

Dirty Projectors take you through a surreal and dreamy journey

- Sep 7, 2012

The wonderfully weird Dirty Projectors have been hinting at a long-form music video for their latest record Swing Lo Magellan for months and now the twenty-minute Hi Custodian has finally emerged from Longstreth’s mind-womb thing, ready for you to ingest below. A spiritual, surreal journey through life and death (and the entire album), Longstreth is “About to Die” (like the song) and meets some “Socialites” (like that other song) and “Blank Offspring” (I think you understand) for a wonderfully discursive video that’s got some wildly beautiful imagery of bikini babes, religious figures, and the band in multiple personas. It’s totally fine if you don’t “get it,” guys, so just take the afternoon off and watch this thing already. It is really good.

Swing Lo Magellan is out now via Domino.

Dirty Projectors - "Hi Custodian"

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