Angel Olsen – “Acrobat”

Lyrical evocations of being alive in this stunning song from folk singer Angel Olsen.

- Aug 31, 2012

Entering a liminal state, wrangling with your own emotions, your own experience, there are moments where you have to remind yourself that you’re actually alive. It’s a tightrope act for Angel Olsen in her latest track “Acrobat” from her upcoming full-length Half Way Home, and in the scenic video, a woman takes floats gently through a lyrical lake. Stunningly subdued, the song’s plaintive acoustic song gives way to a howling gasp for humanity in the chorus—a moment that illuminates Olsen’s unique and evocative warble. The subtle groans of discordant organs and expressive lyrics (“I want to be made out of love”) congeal into a track that firmly sets Olsen apart from the rest.

Half Way Home drops September 4 via Bathetic Records. Check out our UNCHARTED interview with Angel Olsen here.

Angel Olsen - Acrobat (Official Music Video) from Toshadeva Palani on Vimeo.

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