Yeasayer – “Longevity”

The band slowly decay while playing their amorphous, rippled poptones

- Aug 29, 2012

Get ready for a harsh truth: being in a white hot indie band might not be a lifelong career thing. Yeasayer gets this, and their video for “Longevity” is a macabrely humorous depiction of their refusal to waste their entire lives making music for us. Fair! For the first video companion to their third studio album Fragrant World, band perform their amorphous, rippled poptones in a church studio. While fans of Indiana Jones 3 will recall the dangers of enclosed reliquaries, everyone else will be surprised by the intense aging effects that being behind some stained glass has on the band. Brings to mind all the years I spent as a child listening to dull church sermons and shifting under the discomfort of my boredom-induced erection (it's a real thing).

Fragrant World  is out now via Secretly Canadian.

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