Mykki Blanco – “Head is a Stone”

Mykki Blanco destroys more minds in her latest head crashing clip.

- Jul 20, 2012

Along with a pretty good New York Times piece, drag-queen-gender-bending-shocking-abrasive-adjective-destructive-confrontational Mykki Blanco has released a new video for “Head is a Stone” from her recently dropped EP. Although rather tame in comparison to “Join My Milita,” (which in all fairness, is almost impossible to top) Blanco clearly isn’t fucking around here, so don’t expect some turnaround where everyone has a good time or Blanco eats a bowl of ice cream, etc. It just ain’t gonna happen.

Hanging out on rooftops to survey the world below her, Blanco is queen of the goddamn high rises, though admittedly a completely unstable queen who could call for the complete destruction of everything in a second. The head rattling “Head is a Stone” is a sonic crash to the cranium, where the pounding drums are hammers splitting open your skull so she can pour her distorted fiery contents directly into the pit of your stomach. It isn’t a great feeling by any means, but it is definitely a feeling, which is all you can really ask for, I think.

Blanco’s EP Mykki Blanco & The Mutant Angels is out now via UNO & OHWOW.

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