Nite Jewel – “Clive”

Nite Jewel gets pared-down for all the right reasons.

- Jul 12, 2012

Cash does not equal quality. For breakfast I paid $7 for a bagel sandwich and some coffee, and I’m hungry already. It stings, especially after watching Nite Jewel’s very simple, very stirring video for “Clive.” If it were a breakfast, it would be a ghostly bowl of your dead grandmother’s nourishing oatmeal, floating by the foot of your bed. It would cost $1.25.

You can take the bedroom popstar out of the bedroom, but eventually she will want to return to the bedroom, because she's been touring for two years straight and needs a rest, please. In stark contrast to her previous video for “One Second of Love,” “Clive” is a minimalist, pared-down affair, featuring Nite Jewel swaying back forth with an equally wobbly camera as the background fades into different colors. “Clive” is beautiful and haunting enough that it requires nothing more; it sizzles and lingers like the hot breath of a lover on the back of your neck. So great job, everyone, now I need to puke, because your video is giving me vertigo. One Second Of Love is out now.

Nite Jewel - "Clive" (Official Video)


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