Yellow Ostrich – “The Shakedown”

Are you afraid of the dark? Who, me? No!

- Jun 15, 2012

Are you afraid of the dark? Who, me? No! I’m not some dumb baby who needs a night-light or some shit. I have no fears, except for intimacy. And in this rather intimate video (do you see now?) for Yellow Ostrich’s “The Shakedown,” the band plays in the dark (I have now hammered the point home), which is an impressive feat on its own.

Yellow Ostrich took it upon themselves to film their latest video, going into their bandmate’s basement (presumably when mom wasn’t home) and playing with glow in the dark paint. Covering their bodies and their instruments, the group sort of looks like the thugs in Batman & Robin, though instead of a chase scene in the dystopian graffiti Gotham city backed by techno, Yellow Ostrich play their cracking rock ‘n roll.

Strange Land is out now via Barsuk Records.

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