Kitty Pryde – “Okay Cupid”

A lot of people will hate this.

- May 9, 2012

Your Facebook feed is plastered with 4Chan jokes. The Big Bang Theory is the biggest show in the world. Nerd culture has become mainstream, and Kitty Pryde is its erstwhile daughter, contemplating dropping out and making hazy raps with videos like “Okay Cupid.”

Looking and sounding like little orphan Annie all grown up and drinking lean, Kitty Pryde is surrounded with an air of impending tragedy, like the kind of girl who gets loaded and chokes on her own vomit three months before prom. Her squeaky giggles and coquettish pouting masks a rebellious streak that’s literally written on her face and hinted at by her choice in celebrity crushes (Danny Brown’s name on her binder). The borderline soulful pitch-shifted vocal is enchanting, but what stands out most are her lyrics. She starts the song describing a puppy-love romance that leads her from “not being into” sniffing drugs to her proudly announcing that she’s “just snorted a pill” at the end of the track. Is it a journey, or a deliberate contradiction of her innocent image?  Is she playing a character or are her “rhymes” autobiographical? These kinds of questions are as old as hip-hop itself, which leads us to believe that Kitty’s a lot more clever than her detractors would think.

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