The Hairs – “Satan Says”

Very similar to Toy Story, but instead of learning about friendship you're told you're worthless.

- May 3, 2012

When toys speak to you, they’re usually trying to tell you that you’re Jesus or giving you the recipe for pipe bombs, but in the video for “Satan Says” by The Hairs, they’re just trying to chip away at the protagonist’s self-worth, which I can do myself without the help of dolls, thanks.

Frontman Kevin Alvir sez: "The idea for the video? I'm not entirely sure what the song is about really.” Oh good! Because I can’t hear a damn thing you’re saying, dude. I’m just going to relax for this one. Hmm, let’s see. It looks like one of them could have writer’s block or something. He looks depressed. Oh look, now there’s some kaleidoscope stuff! Hey, a toy reindeer just said “Your pain is boring.” Tell that to my 300 Livejournal friends, fool-ass doe. It’s over already? Well, lo-fi pop songs tend not to have the length of prog-rock druid epics.

The Hair just released a 7" called I've Been Working Out, and you should probably buy it for the title alone.

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