Maybach Music Group feat. T Pain – “Bag of Money”

Rick Ross and his crew all have lady friends that look like bags of money and they love them dearly.

- May 3, 2012

Rick Ross seems like a pleasant and jolly fellow, and really, why shouldn’t he be when his lady friend purportedly looks like a bag of money. I don’t know if this means she’s frumpy, or green, or Benjamin Franklin, but it’s just nice to know that he loves her for who she is, despite her somewhat odd appearance.

“Bag of Money,” the first cut from from Ross and Maybach Music compilation’s upcoming Self Made, Vol. 2 finds Ross plunging deep into the catacombs with all of his best friends, where all of them rap about their lady friends who look like bags of money. I like these guys. They're not afraid of being true to themselves. And they're clearly best friends, because by the end, they're performing a ceremony where they burn all of their bags of money, presumably in order to resurrect an ancient demon/genie so that they can hang out forever.

Self Made, Vol. 2 is out June 26 via Maybach Music Group.

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