Tennis – “My Better Self”

Tennis make you feel really, really weird inside.

- Apr 30, 2012

Indie pop group Tennis have always evoked an innocently nostalgic edge for easier times—times when things like turtlenecks could be worn without fear of ridicule from a certain someone you thought you called your friend. But, in the newest video for Young and Old cut “My Better Self,” they’ve decided to take all of your predisposed expectations for sunny fun into the really, really weird and ahhh this is kind of spooky.

What begins as a seemingly conventional performance video (albeit, dressed in late eighties garb) quickly devolves into the surreal, as a disturbingly placid group of patrons clap along to the easy-going pop.  Seeing an old man cackling in softly lit blue light is truly the stuff of nightmares, or in my case, eerily similar to my Friday night, with the only real difference being that we were listening to Godsmack, which oddly enough made the whole thing a bit more inviting.

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