allie x all the rage

FULL SCREEN: Allie X takes her act on the road

Aug 30, 2016

PLUS: Twist relish the good moments, Sleigh Bells keep the faith.

Mick Jenkins Drowning Badbadnotgood

FULL SCREEN: Mick Jenkins fights to swim against a system that wants him to drown

Aug 26, 2016

PLUS: Majid Jordan do French New Wave and LUH let go.

wormwood phase

PREMIERE: Wormwood usher in their new “Phase” of dense, dynamic dance music

Aug 19, 2016

The London, Ontario husband and wife duo debut their bold take on the oft-misunderstood IDM genre.

Mozart's Sister Eternally Girl

FULL SCREEN: Mozart’s Sister’s “Eternally Girl” will make your soul feel full

Aug 17, 2016

PLUS: The Luyas explore desert flora and Neon Indian combs the city for love.

Snake River Don't Believe in Yourself

PREMIERE: Snake River’s “Don’t Believe In Yourself” is filled with imposters

Aug 15, 2016

The Regina-based psych band sits this one out.

american lips heat wave

FULL SCREEN: American Lips’ “Heat Wave” is a late-night Tumblr loop headspin

Aug 9, 2016

The new project from Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger and Tricky Woo's Adrian Popovich. PLUS: new videos from Tasha The Amazon and STACEY.

Ronley Teper's Lipliners Faith

PREMIERE: Ronley Teper’s Lipliners debut the first in a trilogy of animated dreamscapes

Aug 4, 2016

"Faith" is the first part in the Toronto folk surrealist's trilogy made in collaboration with artist Davide Di Saro.