torn hawk luke wyatt

Brooklyn producer Torn Hawk shreds away on glistening new song “I’m Flexible”

Aug 28, 2014

Like a Super Nintendo left unpaused, but better.

Grimes Go Music Video

A catalogue of possible influences on Grimes’ “Go” music video

Aug 28, 2014

She's already cited Dante and KoRn. We dug even deeper.

chad vangaalen monster music video

Chad VanGaalen’s animated “Monster” video is full of gross creature puberty

Aug 28, 2014

His monsters finally reach eighth grade.

pional it's all over music video

Head to the rotoscoped rave in Pional’s animated “It’s All Over” music video

Aug 28, 2014

Intricately painted cells blend party, tragedy, and dance music.


PREMIERE: Toronto troubadour Elrichman croons in a cemetery for “Your Ancient Evenings” music video

Aug 25, 2014

Join the jauntily sunglassed songwriter for a cigar in a graveyard.

Shabazz Palaces #CAKE music video

Shabazz Palaces’ “#CAKE” music video is spectacular Afrofuturism

Aug 22, 2014

Hip-hop that bleeds interdimensional funk now has riveting sci-fi visuals.

Trash Talk The Great Escape Music Video

Trash Talk get up to occultish, ultraviolent hijinx in animated “The Great Escape” video

Aug 20, 2014

Finally, the power of hardcore meets the message of Bible summer camp cartoons.

Hooray For Earth Say Enough Music Video

Hooray For Earth’s “Say Enough” music video has an afternoon’s worth of bad CGI puppet sex

Aug 20, 2014

The New York band's video features poor graphics rich with love.

The War On Drugs Under the Pressure Music Video

The War On Drugs’ “Under The Pressure” music video is full of lovely film effects and even nicer rock music

Aug 20, 2014

Part wandering tour video and part jam session, with lots of warm nostalgia-inducing visuals.