Watch: Grizzly Bear perform two hour concert at Sydney Opera House, hint it could be the last

Over to Australia for the last show of the tour, maybe longer.

- Jan 6, 2014

Grizzly Bear's final show of the massive Shields tour happened at the Sydney Opera House last night (This morning? Now? Who knows Australia time?), and you can watch it all below (starting at around 9:20). But fans may be worried: In an interview with The Guardian frontman Ed Droste sounds a little unsure of the band's future. It's probable that the band, despite their chemistry, are more than sick of smelling each others farts, and would rather start smelling a warm bed and a cool spinach milkshake for the next few months. You've earned it, Grizzly Bear! In the meantime, we'll take solace in this live video.

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