[video] Watch Death Grips perform “Guillotine” and “Blackjack”

Hardcore rap fans need to stop invading the stage.

- Oct 25, 2012

After stumbling home late Saturday night I managed to catch the start of Death Grips' unofficial CMJ performance for Pitchfork, a weird coincidence because I had just finished shouting incoherently at a bunch of white people. I proceeded to get drunker and watch a gig so electrifying I convinced myself that Death Grips are all probably terminally sick because what else could be driving them to perform and release music at such a rate, a theory that wasn't the only thing I regretted the next morning.  You can watch the band perform “Guillotine” and “Blackjack” below. Keep an eye out for the REAL stars of the show, Guy Tripping Balls Behind Zack Ride and Annoying Stage Invaders One, Two, and especially Three, that guy was a real fucker.


Death Grips Play "Guillotine" at Villain! - Special Presentation



Death Grips Play "Blackjack" at Villain! - Special Presentation

-via Pitchfork

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