Watch The Shins perform “No Way Down” and “The Rifle’s Spiral” on Conan

Band does thing on television.

- Oct 2, 2012

Independent rock band The Shins performed two songs on Conan last night. The two songs were “No Way Down” and “The Rifle's Spiral,” taken from the band's latest album Port of Morrow. “The Rifle's Spiral” was not aired on television, but was instead posted online as a web exclusive. In both songs, James Mercer plays music with four other people. They move their hands against instruments, vibrating the surrounding air and sending it into microphones, which recorded these waves. Cameras recorded light that was reflected off the band and into the lens. Everything was digitized and put on the Internet. Please enjoy both performances from The Shins on Conan below.

“No Way Down”


“The Rifle's Spiral”

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