The xx – “Swept Away”

In where I briefly rant on the ephemera of live performance and enjoy the new xx song.

- Aug 1, 2012

How often do you actually watch or listen to the things your record at concerts? I went to see Frank Ocean last night, and it was the first time I’d actually seen the “Throw your phones in the air and record everything” phenomena. I understand the idea behind why someone would do this, but the ephemera of live performances are completely squashed, because you refuse to live in the moment and need to document it. Take this footage of The xx playing new song “Swept Away” from their upcoming album Coexist—admittedly, I am happy someone posted this on the Internet. I am very excited for this album. But, I will only watch this once and just wait for the album, because why would I want to watch mediocre amateur footage this more than once.

Coexist drops September 11 via XL.

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