Beach House performs on Fallon

#RIPBeachHouseJokes2012. Long live plainspoken mentions of their performances on late night shows.

- Jul 25, 2012

I genuinely believe that every Beach House joke has been done now. It is sad, because Beach House jokes are the best jokes, but sometimes things die and you need to move on. In lieu of this, I will speak plainly of the fact that Beach House performed on Jimmy Fallon last night without any beach balls, sand castles, ocean sounds, suntan lotion, bucket hats or any other paraphernalia that is remotely related to the beach. Instead, they performed Bloom standout “Wild” and did a pretty good job of it. You can also check out a web exclusive performance of “Wishes.” #RIPBeachHouseJokes2012.


“Wishes” (Web Exclusive):

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