CMW Report Card ’14: Mannerisms @ The Garrison

Wednesday, May 7. The Toronto prog band don't quite bring the sound of yesterday into the future.

- May 8, 2014

Background/Composition: Mannerisms play instrumental fusion. Like Japan the band mixed with university jazz.

Visual design: C 

If there's gonna be theatrical flair, everyone's gotta commit. There was a distracting lack of consistency between casual rehearsal attire and the Laser Sex Glam Lord look, rounded off with a pair of  instruments that looked like full-grown versions of a Lego Steampunk kit. Pick a side, y'all.

Presence: D 

There was no banter, the stakes felt relatively low for everyone on stage. Like watching someone else's memory of the show where they've forgotten all the details.

...but did you root for them?: B

You have to admire Mannerisms' commitment to such an aged, unhip soundtrack of space, even if they seemed kind of nonplussed about it in person.


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