Lil Ugly Mane ABSENCE OF SHITPERSON mixtape cover

Stream Lil Ugly Mane’s new instrumental tape Absence Of Shitperson

This beat tape from the "defunct" project will make you miss it more.

- Jun 3, 2014

Where you at, Lil Ugly Mane? Shawn Kemp has demonstrated his passion for the rap game not just through his music, but in release schedule, by putting out lots of music after "retiring" Lil Ugly Mane. After the Three Sided Tape series and numerous collections but before the long-promised "new release and boxset," Absence Of Shitperson the beat tape has arrived.

It promises instrumental versions of "CLASSIC 'LIL UGLY MANE' FAVORITES" though every title has been swapped with a new one which, when read in sequence, forms a terrifying poem. Pretty much every Ugly Mane release other than his biggest Mista Thug Isolation loudly declares why he was more than just another DJ Screw/Memphis underground hypebeast, and Absence Of Shitperson repeats that necessary point.

Lil Ugly Mane's new mixtape Absence Of Shitperson  is out now.

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