DJ Rupture The Act of Killing

Listen to DJ /rupture’s Stage Boundary Songs, a mixtape inspired by The Act Of Killing documentary

An incredible mix of rare Indonesian music from the innovative producer.

- Apr 30, 2014

The Act Of Killing is the absolutely shattering 2013 documentary on the massacre of suspected Communists in Indonesia between 1965-66, the now-elderly gangsters who carried them out and their cartoonish recreations of the events they direct themselves. DJ /rupture has shared a mixtape response to the film, Stage Boundary Songs, a collection of mostly Indonesian music recorded around the time of the events studied in the film.

DJ /rupture's project is a collaboration with Nova Ruth, who digitized "...psychedelic folk, rock, and soul made in the decade surrounding Indonesia’s 1965 coup" from the Museum Musik Malang, and Filastine, who includes "...his own productions and other contemporary strains of Indonesian music, along with samples of dialogue from the film, and field recordings," according to a press release. 

The mix also features the poems of Wiji Thukul, a progressive voice who disappeared in 1998, likely by President Suharto's continuing anti-Communist task force. The cover art is adapted woodcut by Thukul's daughter, originally seized in 1996 during a raid on their home.

Pitchfork has a statement from the film's directors Joshua Oppenheimer and Anonymous, whose identity is concealed for fear of retribution:

"We live, sleep, dream, and die atop mass graves. Terror and lies prevent us from mourning the dead below us. We no longer remember that we are afraid – it is easier to forget. In this stifling silence, thieves and extortionists help themselves to the spoils like buzzards, reinventing themselves as respectable politicians and entrepreneurs. Yet for those who have the courage to listen, there are cries of resistance, voices of clarity calling for an end to fear, and longing for solidarity. In Stage Boundary Songs, we hear some of the most eloquent of these voices. We are humbled that our film helped inspire this effort."

Check the tracklist at Soundcloud.

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