You'll Never Get To Heaven Adorn

Stream You’ll Never Get To Heaven’s new EP Adorn, six tracks of substantive dream pop

...and read what one half of the London duo has to say about it.

- Mar 14, 2014

You'll Never Get To Heaven's new EP Adorn is out this week. It includes "By This River," one of our favourite tracks of February, plus five extra songs that both reinforce and expand on the notion of Chuck Blazevic and Alice Hansen as one of Canada's most colourful atmospheric pop duos. It's the kind of music you want your brain to start playing the moment you realize you're in a lucid dream, start to prong your subconscious's version of the past, and realize: No, you dumped her. By the river.

Chuck talked to us a bit about the release:

"With Adorn, we wanted to further isolate and explore the core elements of our debut album, namely its pop and ambient/classical aspects. We also wanted to take a stab at pairing our own tracks with interpretations of classic repertoire (i.e., Eno and Satie covers). While recording, we had access to a celeste and grand piano, in addition to the few electric instruments we own. Overall, this EP functions as a bridge between the stylistic terrain of our debut and the direction we will take on our next full length."

Buy You'll Never Get To Heaven's Adorn on Bandcamp digitally or on cassette via Mystic Roses.

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