[download] Sufjan Stevens’ hip-hop mixtape Chopped And Scrooged featuring Heems, Kitty Pryde, more

That boy ain't right.

- Dec 11, 2012

With the release of a Christmas-themed hip-hop mixtape called Chopped And Screwed, the depth and quantity of Sufjan Stevens' holiday releases have ceased to be simple charming extravagance, and now feel somewhat frenzied. It's not hard to imagine him frothing at the mouth as he compiled features from Heem, Kitty Pryde, Nikky Da B and more, his pupils dilated after devouring pounds of marzipan and sugar plum fairies. And on the real, that cover art is not the work of a sane man. But if you're willing to take the plunge into the heart of festive madness, listen and download to the tape below.

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