Everyone has an opinion about BBNG's music, and they've just released some more that'll fuel the fire.

- Apr 4, 2012

BADBADNOTGOOD, Toronto’s Jazz hip-hop sensations or bepimpled shitheads with upright basses (depending on who you are) have released their new mixtape BBNG2, which you can download free of charge.

The band, still in their (almost literal) infancy, has attracted both passionate accolades and blistering salvos from the jazz community. Barely out of their teens, they’ve already started a full-scale West Side Story-style jazz turf war, which isn’t necessarily impressive but still pretty hilarious. Rashful dickishness of youth aside, the band’s music is undeniably infectious, taking the previously esoteric genre of jazz and giving it a populist sheen. Smooth yet made for moshing, it’s hip-hop you can study to.

The mixtape features covers of James Blake and Kanye West as well as a good number of Odd Future tracks, proving that these guys clearly know which side their bread is buttered.

Click here to visit the band’s website, where you can download in all kinds of different formats.

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