year of glad

PREMIERE: Year of Glad’s sublime drone-folk epic, Old Growth

Nov 10, 2015

The Montreal collective delivers a song suite about "the occult, our own crushing mortality, and a universal connection between all living things."

pleasence sounds of horror

PREMIERE: Pleasence: Sounds of Horror haunts Toronto’s music scene

Oct 28, 2015

Local spooksters like New Fries, Man Made Hill, and members of HSY and Yamantaka // Sonic Titan doom this spectral cassette.

Ben Gunning Massive Love LP

PREMIERE: Ben Gunning’s virtuosic, kaleidoscopic Massive Love LP

Oct 26, 2015

The Toronto-based songwriter's new full-length is a must-listen and it's streaming exclusively below.

the muscadettes

PREMIERE: The Muscadettes’ sugary snack Side B

Oct 21, 2015

Montreal twins Kanthleen and Chantal Ambridge have made an addictive new garage pop EP that begs to be replayed.

the dying arts

PREMIERE: The Dying Arts’ propulsive new EP You Had It Coming

Oct 20, 2015

The Toronto four-piece combine melody and dissonance and put a guitar-centric spin on Crystal Castles.

Lizzy Boredom Perdu EP

PREMIERE: Hamilton noise punks Lizzy Boredom remind you why you stopped doing acid

Oct 16, 2015

Thank God these guys only made 50 of these.

This new mixtape is an exciting collection of Indigenous electronic music

Oct 14, 2015

imagineNATIVE's Beat DJ POW! WOW! happens Saturday, but you can get hyped right now.