WHOOP-Szo Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio

WHOOP-Szo surprise us (and themselves) with the new album Citizen’s Ban(ne)d Radio

Nov 8, 2016

Stream the seven-song album and marvel at the incredible world WHOOP-Szo's built piece by piece.

chilly gonzales peaches

Listen to Peaches and Chilly Gonzales tell the hilarious story of how they met

Oct 25, 2016

How two nerdy Jewish kids linked up, got high, and started making pubes-out sex jams.

In Tune 2016 Saskatchewan

Get to know what’s good in Saskatchewan with the In Tune 2016 compilation

Oct 24, 2016

Tune in to some of the Middle Coast's best.

year of glad

PREMIERE: Year Of Glad’s Resolving Host is a blurry dialogue between selves

Oct 19, 2016

The Montreal songwriter's new album is either the future from the past, the past from the future, or both.

WEARENOTWHOWEARE ep heretical objects

PREMIERE: WEARENOTWHOWEARE’s debut EP is a time machine with two settings

Oct 13, 2016

The Toronto band's self-titled EP sounds like both 2006 and 2066.

Art of the Uncarved Block autumn compilation

Toronto’s Art of the Uncarved Block is saving indie gems from falling through the cracks

Oct 12, 2016

Stream the Autumn of the Uncarved Block 2016 compilation and find your new favourite band.

Native Other If I Can Keep It Together

Native Other make a home in the alternative on If I Can Keep It Together

Oct 6, 2016

Stream the Toronto band's genre-busting debut EP and make a home in your headphones.