New Music Videos: Thidius “Mention Nothing”, Magic Giant are “Set on Fire”

From the conventional to the not so conventional, these new music videos are the best of the week.

- May 19, 2017

Thidius – Mention Nothing

In classic psychedelic fashion, the video for “Mention Nothing” is a collage of melting visuals and blurry visual effects. Sometimes it’s best to keep it simple, this video is proof of that.

Minotaurs – I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine

Trippy in a much more unnerving fashion is the video for “I’ll Keep Your Shit With Mine”. Where “Mention Nothing” was soothing, this video is downright unsettling. Seemingly telling the story of an alien abduction, the video was shot using stop-motion animation, which only adds to the offbeat atmosphere.

Magic Giant – Set on Fire

Chronicling the band’s performance at the Rise Lantern Festival in Nevada's Mojave Desert, the video for “Set on Fire” has some stunning scenery, and captures the festival’s spectacle of thousands of floating paper lanterns in impressive fashion. The band’s new album, In The Wind, comes out today.

Slow Dancer – It Goes On

Warmly shot, (in part in the singer’s own bedroom) the video for Slow Dancer’s “It Goes On” is as intimate as it gets. "I really wanted to capture the intimacy of a time that people aren’t often privy to; it’s generally a personal space -- the bedroom," he told Billboard. Be sure to check out Slow Dancer when he comes to Toronto next month, playing the Drake Underground on June 12th.

Silverstein - Retrograde

Though the video’s concept is simple, merely showing the band performing the song in a darkened environment, the execution is top notch. The multi-coloured lighting looks beautiful, and the frenetic editing gives the video energy to match Silverstein’s aggressive music.

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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