New Music Videos: Paramore “Told You So”

Narratives take centre stage in our story-heavy list of the week’s best new music videos.

- May 5, 2017

Paramore – Told You So

Directed by Aaron Joseph and drummer Zac Farro, the video for Paramore’s funky “Told You So” is stylish, sleek, and well-conceived. It has some unusual inspiration, with lead singer Hayley Williams saying the video is based on the band’s car rides to L.A. recording studios. “Zac noticed that my anxiety and overall state was just a lot more peaceful on those drives,” Williams said to The Fader, “and mentioned to me that it made him happy to see me rest for a moment. It means a lot that they conceptualized a video around a passing moment we had as friends.”

Cadence Weapon – My Crew (Woooo)

Matching the song’s spacy, isolated tone, the video for “My Crew (Woooo)” is a minimalistic ride that reportedly may be set in the “Sunken Place” from the movie Get Out. Featuring the rapper and friends floating through empty black space, the video was shot using some of the same equipment used in the film Arrival.

PVRIS – Heaven

Filled with sombre imagery, (black veils, dead flowers, dead birds, dead people, you get the idea) the video for “Heaven” appears to be an exploration of the theme of death and (we hope) rebirth. Shot in black and white, we love the ambition of this video, even if it’s a bit of a downer.

Bleachers – Don’t Take the Money

Directed by Lena Dunham, (of HBO’s Girls fame) Bleachers’ new video is predictably funny. Taking place at a wedding, the singer just wants to get married to his bride in this one – but of course it’s not that simple. His bride’s lesbian lover interrupts the ceremony, kicks his ass, steals his girl and leaves him floating in a pool. All in all, not a great wedding day.

Japanese Breakfast – Machinist

Set aboard a spaceship, the new video from Japanese Breakfast is a self-directed narrative where we see the singer fall in love with a broken robot, hallucinate from drinking rocket fuel and deconstruct her ship to build a body for him, with startling results – watch to see the unexpected ending.

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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