New Music Videos – Birds of Olympus Trip Us Out

We have a little bit of everything in this week's music video list, including a husband and wife duo, a little Kung-Fu Kenny and a psychedelic video out of Ireland.

- Apr 21, 2017

Birds of Olympus – Vine of the Soul

The heady psychedelia band from Ireland released their first official music video this week, and it`s a good one. Using handmade collage animation to create a Dada-esque aesthetic, the video is a high-concept ride that explores “transformation through altered states”.  We caught their show at Canadian Music Week during the Ireland showcase and it was great! Check out their headlining gig at the Cadillac Lounge on April 23rd at 8 p.m.

Taylor Knox – Running Into Love

Simple and nostalgic, the video for “Running Into Love” shows Knox performing the song in a small space while vintage photos play on a projector in the background. According to Knox the slides are real family photos, which lends to the video’s authenticity.

Glass Animals – Pork Soda 

This video is as weird as the name of the song, but also strangely... endearing. Just watch it for yourself.

Whitehorse – Boys Like You

We're still reminiscing about their CMW performance from last night so we thought we'd include the band's latest release.  The video shows Luke Doucet dreaming of the 'Rockstar Life' while his wife Melissa McClelland reminds him "boys like you will live with their mother's forever".

Kendrick Lamar – D.N.A.

We know, it's everywhere.  But for the few of you who may not have seen it, here is some quintessential Kung-Fu Kenny. If you're wondering where Kendrick's new nickname came from check check out this interview with Don Cheadle where he explains that Kendrick took on this alter ego from Don Cheadle's character in Rush Hour 2. Whether you are a Kendrick Lamar fan or not you have to admit Don Cheadle is bad ass.


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