A Brooklyn Design Studio Has Plans for a Wu-Tang Themed Retreat

Finally, a place for Killa Beez when they aren’t on attack.

- Apr 5, 2017

We swear this isn’t an Onion article. A Brooklyn-based design studio has drawn up proposals for a Wu-Tang Clan themed vacation retreat dedicated — the company’s website tells us — to music composition and “the study of combat.”


Squirtstudio’s Wu Villa is a four-room wood house, to be constructed, the studio says, in traditional Japanese styles. The layout includes facilities for recording equipment and the practice of martial arts, there are boards lying around for some spontaneous chessboxin’, and it’s all nestled under a straw roof shaped, of course, into the group’s iconic “W” logo.

The low-rent renderings got us wondering if this isn’t maybe a hoax audacious enough to get music blogs like this one to splash the name of the design studio around the internet a bit. (And if so, we bit). But Squirtstudio’s website says the project is currently “under development” in a secret location in Japan.


If Wu Villa is a success, plans for a 36-chamber resort could follow.


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