Cam Avery Rocks the Rivoli

- Apr 4, 2017

Love was in the air at the Rivoli last Friday, and we can thank Cam Avery for it.

The Tame Impala bassist is currently touring as a solo act, promoting his album Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams, which he has called the “most indulgent thing” of his career. A far cry from his usual work, RDPD is an album of crooner music: love songs from back to front, and sounding like Frank Sinatra or Dean Martin, but with more strings.

The show itself was a good time. The Rivoli is a small venue, and its intimacy lends itself to Avery’s solo music. His interactions with the audience are charming, and the crowd’s female contingent was unsurprisingly more enthusiastic than the men in the audience.

“Big Town Girl” and “Wasted on Fidelity” were the standout songs in the performance, but it was a consistent show overall and he never phoned a song in.

Filled with love songs that harken back to crooners like Sinatra, Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams is a throwback to days of simpler music, and Avery is well suited for it.


Stream Ripe Dreams, Pipe Dreams below!

Post by Dan Goldsmith

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