Record for Longest Concert in History is About to be Broken

History is about to be made in Stouffville, Ontario, where Epidemic Music Group is attempting to smash the Guinness world record for longest concert by multiple artists.

- Mar 14, 2017

Are you an insomniac that loves Canadian music and charitable causes? We have just the concert for you.

Organized by Epidemic Music Group and held at the Earl of Whitchurch pub, the concert will start on March 17th and last for 16 full days. Organizers say they must always have an audience of at least ten people for the record to count.

The concert is not without a good cause either: each day will also showcase and raise awareness for a different Canadian charity. A full list of charities can be viewed below.


Day 1 (March 17/18) - Markham Stouffville Hospital

Day 2 (March 19) - Artscan Circle

Day 3 (March 20) - Fundraiser Benefit for Steffi G

Day 4 (March 21) - Evergreen Hospice

Day 5 (March 22) - Habitat for Humanity

Day 6 (March 23) - AV Youth

Day 7 (March 24) - Kelly Shires Foundation

Day 8 (March 25) - North Toronto Cat Rescue

Day 9 (March 26) - Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada

Day 10 (March 27) - United Way

Day 11 (March 28) - CMHA

Day 12 (March 29) - 360 Kids

Day 13 (March 30) - Family Navigation Project

Day 14 (March 31) - GordDownie Fund for Brain Cancer Research

Day 15 (April 1) - Sick Kids Foundation

Day 16 (April 2) - Hockey With Heart

Over 400 acts, all of them Canadian, will perform over the course of the concert. Organizers say a range of genres will be represented, including “rock, pop, country, folk and beyond”.

The current record sits at 372 hours and 10 minutes, roughly 15½ days. A full list of performers can be found here. For more information, check out the group’s Facebook page.

And given its St. Patrick’s Day start date, the concert will be a perfect spot to recuperate from your hangover. As long as you like loud music when hungover. That’s normal, right?

Post by: Dan Goldsmith

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