Sunrise Records is about to expand across Canada

Ontario music retailer is moving into 70+ HMV storefronts.

- Mar 3, 2017

The expansion will see Sunrise move into 70 new storefronts, all of which had previously been occupied by U.K. music store HMV. The move was announced in a press release on Monday, Feb 27. As of right now, Sunrise operates 9 storefronts in Ontario. This move will cement them as perhaps the top music retailer in Canada.

Doug Putman, President of Sunrise Records, says in the release that “Sunrise has always strive to offer superior service and a wide range of products at reasonable prices to its loyal customers. We are excited to bring Sunrise nationwide, and would like to thank all of the suppliers and landlords who worked so closely with us to allow us to be a destination for physical music in Canada.”

Sunrise plans to expand the assortment of music that HMV carried, saying it will increase CDs by 50 percent. Further, they promise a “massively expanded” section for apparel. Also being added are “licensed figures, plush characters as well as an extensive selection of board games.”

Sunrise says in the release that they will “continue its longstanding tradition of supporting local independent artists by carrying their music for sale.”

“We want to support independent Canadian artists more than ever. We feel it’s an obligation, not to mention we love discovering talented new artists,” says Putman.

They also promise 2,000 vinyl titles in each store, to meet the rekindled demand for LPs.

The deal includes a two-floor, 20,000 square foot location at the West Edmonton Mall; the retail space features a stage for live performances.

Music fans will no doubt welcome the news, though the CBC has reported that some retailers are expressing doubts about the move.

Sunrise also announced a commitment to hire past HMV employees to work at their new storefronts.

Stores are said to begin opening as early as April 2017.

Post by: Dan Goldsmith

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