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Smash Mouth know they’re a meme and they’re cool with it

Someone finally asked the band about their hilarious, surreal Twitter presence.

- Jan 11, 2017

If you're not following Smash Mouth on Twitter, you should be.

Whether they're big upping Pitchfork-friendly indie bands, beefing with sports franchises, slapping their own logo on top of stolen pictures in typo-ridden "tributes" to dead celebrities and then deleting them, or telling haters one by one that they're not one-hit wonders, the late-'90s one-hit wonders keep their social media presence fascinatingly surreal.

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That same mix of straight-faced earnest nonsense has revitalized the Bay Area bros' music as a 21st century meme. It turns out you can insert "All Star" into literally any song and it's always gold.


You have to wonder how self-aware they are when they spend Twitter congratulating fans for performing oral sex to their songs, or photoshopping Shrek on their holiday greetings. Are Smash Mouth secretly brilliant or are they just accidentally hilarious? How sharp are the tools in their shed?

Someone finally tracked them down and said "hey now?" Writing for Inverse, Jordan Zakarin traded emails with Smash Mouth bassist Paul DeLisle, who's adamant the tweets are written by the members of the band themselves. "We have never taken ourselves that seriously," he says. "We like the attention." As for whether they're being ironic, DeLisle says "That's a loaded question," while adding "ha ha ha."

So, like Drake, are they courting their internet fame or just goofing around and letting people do what they want with it? After all, memes can now get you to the top of the Billboard charts. “It’s funny because a large percentage of our fans don’t even know what a meme is — heck, we didn’t really know either at first," he says. But since "All Star" "still sells weekly like mad" they're happy to "take the bad with the good and fully embrace the meme aspect.”

Neil Cicierega - Daft Mouth

It's still not totally clear they know what the meme aspect is, but that just keeps it pure.

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