Radiant Baby Gloss and Love

Radiant Baby’s “Gloss & Love” is “a space to perform gender any way you want to”

The Montreal new new wave artist issues an invite to express yourself with this new party anthem.

- Jan 11, 2017

Montreal new new waver Radiant Baby knows well that camp is about performance. He knows also that identity is performative. For the celebratory anthem "Gloss & Love," he wanted to communicate the electrical excitement you feel getting ready for a party. So he asked friends to dress up and express themselves however they wanted, creating a space — even just for the duration of the performance — free from judgement.

"Gloss & Love," directed by Ariana Molly and premiering on Chart Attack, features people who may feel a societal pressure to conform to traditional gender roles in public, Radiant Baby told us. "[It] offers them a space to perform gender any way they want to."

The song's indulgent, luxuriant aesthetic, crossed with Félix Mongeon's wide-eyed and exuberant vocal performance — a page from The Human League playbook — suggests everyone can be the star. It is a celebration of inclusivity and self-expression where everyone can be the Radiant Baby.

Radiant's Baby's debut EP is out in Spring 2017 on Lisbon Lux Records.

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