Lydia Ainsworth The Road

FULL SCREEN: Lydia Ainsworth creates fantasy to find reality in “The Road”

PLUS: Sleaford Mods know we're going down, and Cloud Nothings will teach you how to pass as human.

- Jan 10, 2017
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Lydia Ainsworth makes every moment a performance, Sleaford Mods go on a yacht ride, and Cloud Nothings deliver an important message from the Department of Human Being Assimilation.

Lydia Ainsworth, "The Road"

Lydia Ainsworth - The Road

In the press release announcing her second album, Toronto-based artist Lydia Ainsworth appeals to one of the great 20th century scientists of perception and consciousness: “Jimi Hendrix said you need fantasy, to see reality more clearly.” In "The Road," a video single from Darling Of The Afterglow (directed by her sister, Abby Ainsworth), the artist joined by a group of dancers inhabits a series of scenes, set pieces, and performances. Moving from meadow to dance club, the video tracked by Ainsworth's gothy R&B, conflates and disorients what is real and what is imaginary until the two are unintelligible and the sense of performance becomes total. She is dancing and every moment is her stage.

Lydia Ainsworth's Darling Of The Afterglow is out March 31 on Arbutus/Bella Union.

Sleaford Mods, "B.H.S."

Sleaford Mods - B.H.S.

In "B.H.S.," Nottingham barstool malcontents Sleaford Mods perform on the back of a yacht, while its bloated, berobed owner rolls around in a martini stupor. "We're going down like B.H.S.," Jason Williamson sings, referring to the failed chain of British department stores. The middle and working class's proverbial ship has been leaking for decades (forever perhaps) and it's become an emergency. Don't expect the ship owners to do anything to help.

Sleaford Mods' English Tapas is out March 3 on Rough Trade.

Cloud Nothings, "Internal World"

Cloud Nothings - "Internal World" (official music video)

Cleveland indie rock act Cloud Nothings use the music video for "Internal World" to host an important message from the Department of Human Being Assimilation. It's an instructional video that'll teach just about anyone how to pass as a person — from brushing your teeth (31 lateral strokes) to shaking hands (make eye contact!). It's all terrific advice, especially if you're actually a dangerous, maybe blood thirsty reptile infiltrator.

Cloud Nothings' Life Without Sound is out January 27 via Carpark Records.

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