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These are the most popular band names on Bandcamp right now

Orion, Void, and Soma were the most popular new band names last year... for some reason.

- Jan 5, 2017
The cover of Reflections by Shrewsbury, UK's Orion.

In 2015, we had a good chuckle when the stats team at Bandcamp rounded up its most commonly used band names of all time. Topping the list were 59 — I'm sure — expansive, heady (maybe brawny, like the myth) acts named Atlas.

Well, Bandcamp has returned from the data mines with an update: this past year, Atlas wasn't cool anymore. I mean, it's still the all-time winner, but it didn't even crack the top 10 for bands started in 2016. Orion, on the other hand, was way, way up.

For last year, the top three band names, looking only at groups who joined in 2016, were Orion, Void, and Soma. I'd like to think that tells us something collectively about the year — something about emptiness and escape — but who knows, maybe I'm just projecting, and a bunch of low-rent metal acts caught onto Bandcamp all at once.

Band names on the way up bandcamp

The top 10 most popular new band names last year (and the number of acts performing under them) were:

  1. Orion (11)
  2. Void (10)
  3. Soma (10)
  4. Apollo (8)
  5. Bloom (8)
  6. Monarch (8)
  7. Alex (7)
  8. King (7)
  9. White Noise (7)
  10. Xander (7)

While the 10 most popular of all time looks like this:

  1. Atlas (71)
  2. Apollo (56)
  3. Bloom (42)
  4. Nomad (40)
  5. Ghost (38)
  6. Haze (38)
  7. Moon (35)
  8. Soma (35)
  9. Zero (35)
  10. Void (34)

If you're really nerdy and love strange trends sussed from big data, Bandcamp's also put together a really great graph about the most popular "wave" genres. You can also find the top words in song and album titles ("Home" for both), music inspired by the election, and other fun data points. Go ahead! You've already spent five minutes looking at charts on band names, you might as well fully geek out.

Here's some Orion while you're at it. It's exactly what you want a band named Orion to sound like.


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Here are the 10 most used band names on Bandcamp

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