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This band is donating all its Coachella money to LGBT youth and climate advocacy groups

The owner of the festival, Philip Anschutz, finances some shitty causes. Show Me The Body are redirecting some of it.

- Jan 5, 2017

Like so many billionaires behind the scenes pulling the strings, the crazy rich owner of Coachella, Philip Anschutz, is anti-gay and a climate change denier. Some of the profits from his entertainment group AEG — the world's largest owner of sports teams and sports events — finance climate science denial groups as well as organizations that campaign against LGBTQ and women's reproductive rights.

While Politco reported on his hyper-conservative politics years ago, most of us are just finding out that the king beneficiary of millennial hippiedom is actually super anti-peace and love thanks to reports from Uproxx and Afropunk. It has many asking whether they should boycott the pilgrimage to Indio and what Coachella acts ought to do now that they know what else their employer's money funds.

New York punk band Show Me The Body has come up with a creative solution.

Confusingly, their name appeared on the poster, even though they declined the festival's invite. Now, according to the band, Coachella's gotten back in touch and the trio have signed up to play 25 minutes on Day 3.

They'll donate all proceeds, however, from the performance and two shows beforehand in LA to homeless LGBT youth support groups and California climate advocacy orgs — causes the owner has shown he is against.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, it's minor and mostly symbolic, but at least they'll make the snake eat a bit of its own tail. Now, if only the headliners could leverage a bit of their power...

Show Me The Body - New Language

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