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This guy slept through an entire doom metal show while passed out onstage

“Apparently, 3 a.m. is too late of a set time for some people."

- Jan 4, 2017
Photo and video via Pit Full of Shit

For some people, sleeping at a show is an insult to a band and a top level party foul. For others it's an important and often very necessary talent. Either way, this just takes it to a new level.

Boston doom metal band Fórn recently posted their full set from a Brooklyn warehouse: 20 minutes of slow, heavy sludge and growl, all transpiring around a single passed out dude with his head in his lap. Sandwiched between the lead singer and a blasting speaker, the guy barely moves. It's all caught on camera. Despite playing around him and bumping up against him, no one in the band notices until they see it. When they do, it's glorious.

FÓRN live Dec. 30th, 2016 (FULL SET)

When the band posted the video to Facebook, they included a request:

“Apparently, 3 a.m. is too late of a set time for some people, like the dude who is passed out on stage the entire time that somehow none of us realized. Can somebody check on him and make sure he’s not dead?”

“Hey I’m that guy and I’m still alive unfortunately,” someone answered in the comments. “I really dug everything I heard though even though I looked like the Minor Threat guy.”

And here we thought it was an homage to Sleep.


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Finally, a tribute to the grumpy sound guy making your life miserable

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