Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves Live In Your Shadow

PREMIERE: Introducing Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves, your new favourite garage ghoul

"Live In Your Shadow" is a love song addressed to Sweet Dave's many muses.

- Dec 28, 2016

Meet Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves — the singer/songwriter side-project of Dave O'Connor, frontman of Hamilton garage punks TV Freaks.

"Live in Your Shadow," the video single premiering below, is our first sample from the forthcoming album Mental Jails, written and recorded with Ian Romano of Career Suicide and out March 10 on the Freaks' brand new imprint, Pointless Product.

It's also our first glimpse of the man, himself, remade into a slicked down bar room creep.

Sweet Dave calls the track a love song written to the many muses that influence his art. You can imagine which shadows he's been lurking around in: The Gun Club's Jeffrey Lee Pierce, The Cramps' Lux Interior, Nick Cave. He sounds a bit like Lee Hazlewood zapped on Zombie Punch doing death rock. It recalls outré sleazeballs like Armand Schaubroeck. In the self-made video, he wipes out the eyes of Leonard Cohen.

I think Sweet Dave's muses might all live in wax.

Sweet Dave & The Shallow Graves' Mental Jails is out March 10, 2017 on Pointless Product. Pre-order here. Catch Sweet Dave's live debut March 11 at This Ain't Hollywood in Hamilton, Ontario.

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