live news bloopers 2016

The best live news bloopers of 2016 will make you laugh whether you want to or not

You might think you're above it, but you won't when you're laughing within seconds.

- Dec 21, 2016

There's a certain type of humour, like people wildly mispronouncing words or clumsy dogs doing pretty much anything, that transcend whatever self-conscious inhibition exists in your brain and make you laugh uncontrollably. It's maybe the most primal kind of laughter there is — the kind that's physical, that takes you by surprise like a punch in the gut.

That's why the annual compilation of the year's best live news bloopers is such a cherished tradition. It comes out at a time of the year when no one else is in the office, letting you laugh as hard as you need to without judgement, and it sneak attacks you with accidental blunders like "check your panties" or a Windows 10 update prompt on your weather map.

Live TV Best News Bloopers 2016

Sure, there are some moments that aren't so funny — like the woman who is forced to put on a cardigan over her dress because "we've had emails" or the myriad interviews with people you're supposed to laugh at presumably because they're of a different class or race — but you're still gonna get hit with at least a couple of belly laughs. Like, the woman who accidentally draws a penis in a game of AI Pictionary. What's funny is not her penis, but her futile attempt to cover it up while the camera refuses to cut away. The self-seriousness of a live broadcast intensifies any blooper.

That said, this compilation missed our favourite of the year: the painfully awkward rap battle that aired on Canada AM immediately before both battle rappers were escorted right out of the studio:

battle rap ctv

This painfully awkward rap battle aired live on Canada AM

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