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Watch this human cover a Christmas song written by a robot

The Killjoys singer Mike Trebilcock knows a pop gem when he hears one; he also knows the right time to betray humankind.

- Dec 15, 2016

Of course, the guy who wrote "Today I Hate Everyone" is the first to defect, welcoming his new overlords with song, no less.

A couple days ago we heard the deeply disturbing Christmas song written by a neural network at the University of Toronto computer science lab. It's since been featured in an episode of The Imposter. In spite of its cryptic, inhuman lyrics — probably because of them — the thing is getting traction.

Shortly after releasing the original track, which using the machine's deep learning system was prompted by the image of a Christmas tree, U of T researchers tried inputting a still image from the holiday classic A Christmas Story — Ralphie in his pink bunny suit on Christmas morning.

Like Burroughs making a cut-up of Hallmark cards then feeding it through Google translate a dozen times, the almost-poetic nonsense posted above is what came out the other end.

Killjoys singer and Simply Saucer guitarist Mike Trebilcock knows a soon-to-be classic when he hears one. He also knows when it's a good time to call it quits on humankind. So he whipped up a quick cover of "Culture Trip 1" to get us in the spirit of the season and score a few points with the new bosses.

It's worth it if only to hear a '90s CanRock biggie interpret the computer's bonkers melodies and phrasing. And, of course, for the very last word, distilling the essence of all Christmases past and future into a single powerful and super festive syllabic unit.


Christmas Robot

This season’s most terrifying Christmas song was written by a Canadian robot

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