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Uber employees allegedly used “God view” to spy on Beyoncé

The tech companies controlling your private information might not be looking out for your privacy.

- Dec 14, 2016

If you had the power of omniscience, what would you use it for? If you answered "spy on Beyoncé" then congratulations, you can work for Uber.

Employees at the ride-sharing company abused the company's "God view" to spy on their exes, politicians and celebrities, according to testimony from the company's former investigator Samuel Ward Spangenberg, so writes The Guardian. In a plot twist straight out of Silicon Valley, they also allegedly used it to track the movements of Beyoncé.

The tool allows the company to track the movements of users and drivers, which sounds innocuous enough until you take a step back and realize you, again, have given away all sorts of privacy in exchange for tech-aided convenience. And the people who hold the keys to your sensitive information are all too human: petty, envious, and obsessed with celebrity. Just like you, probably.


Andre 3000 Uber Kanye Waves

Total stranger shares Uber with Andre 3000, probably gets a credit on Kanye's album

The company says "fewer than 10" employee had been fired for abusing their God-like powers, and that they'd implemented new measures to protect information of "MVP"s like Beyoncé (but not regular old Ps like you or me).

The Guardian expands on the lawsuit's allegations of privacy breaches and shiftiness around its relationship to law enforcement, but doesn't report on Beyoncé's reaction to the news. So we had Chart Attack's court reporter prepare an artist's rendering:


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