Heat Lush

PREMIERE: Montreal’s Heat travel around the world inside their heads in “Lush”

The Montreal post-punks dream in Super 8.

- Dec 12, 2016

For the lead single off their full-length debut, Montreal post-punks Heat let us into their dreams.

"Lush" already sounds like a romantic New Wave vision — all jangly guitars and glowing synth pads, melodramatic lead parts and long, spectral reverb trails. Director Charles-André Coderre builds on that aesthetic: he wants to see where their minds go when they're fast asleep.


The two channel video pictures the band members in repose shot in 16mm black and white contrasted against a Super 8 trip diary, collaging footage from Thailand, Greece, and Poland. Coderre has employed some old analogue film manipulation techniques to turn the vacation film into dazzling abstraction. The band says they wanted something fresh "to reflect the new direction we took on this album."

"The video is like a daydream," the director says. "A journey in the mind of the band Heat."


Heat's Overnight is out January 20 through The Hand/Topshelf/Rallye Records.

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