Adrian Underhill Not Good Enough

Adrian Underhill’s new video isn’t perfect and that’s what makes it powerful

The Toronto-based singer/songwriter's "Not Good Enough" is an alt-R&B ode to vulnerability and its connective power.

- Dec 12, 2016

For Toronto singer/songwriter Adrian Underhill, vulnerability is a good thing. It represents a rare and powerful opportunity for people to connect.

"Not Good Enough," an ultra-posi affirmation built in lite pop, is his ode to imperfection. "It’s about this feeling of inadequacy," he says. "The song is about realizing how that feeling can bring us together. If we can be vulnerable, we recognize that this feeling is something we all have in common."

Adrian Underhill - Not Good Enough - Lyric Video

Underhill created the lyric video himself with an overhead projector and coloured transparencies — handmade to emphasize its imperfections. "I wanted the visuals to feel human," he says. "Like us, they’re flawed, layered, imperfect, transparent. In art, I think imperfections give us an entry point. Once we see that something is flawed, we are reminded, I think, of ourselves. It creates an opportunity for a more personal connection."

You can hear that in the subtly shaded uplift of "Not Good Enough," which appears on his forthcoming debut, produced by Dev Hynes' associate Kindness and due out shortly from Indica Records. Underhill calls it "the first fully formed idea" he's putting out into the world.

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