Ticket scammers are making fake websites to trick Toronto Metallica fans

TheTorontoOperaHouse.com is not affiliated with The Opera House and neither is that $4,850 ticket you just bought.

- Nov 24, 2016

On Monday, Metallica revealed they'd play Toronto's Opera House on November 29 in support of the band's 10th studio album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct. When the band last stopped in Toronto, they played the Air Canada Centre, so the 950-person Opera House was a molten hot ticket. Plus, they announced all proceeds would go to The Daily Bread Food Bank. Of course, it sold out instantly.

Predictably, the secondary market has gone insane; some resellers are asking as much as $6,000 for the $100-face price passes. But it's not clear any of those will even be valid.

To "scalper-proof" the event, Live Nation and the Opera House have restricted ticketing to box office pickup-only. Ticket holders will have to produce photo ID and the purchasing credit card at entry. No re-entry will be permitted as per the venue's Facebook message.

That doesn't mean speculators and scammers (and, I'm sure, the odd, sincere "just can't make it anymore") are trying their damnedest on Craigslist and Kijiji. Because tickets are non-transferrable, StubHub isn't bothering. And that doesn't mean there aren't tickets for sale.


Tragically Hip police scammers scalpers

Police across Canada are cracking down on Tragically Hip scammers

A site called TheTorontoOperaHouse.com — an authentic-seeming name for the overeager Metallica fan — boasts a small quantity of tickets ranging from $2,328 to $4,850 each. The site, however, is powered by the East Haven, Connecticut-based company TicketMagic (which offers a "double your money back guarantee," but we'd rather not), and has no affiliation with the venue.

Don't be fooled. This is just scummy opportunism at its worst, gouging money for a charity show. The real Opera House confirmed by blasting the imposter on Facebook so fans don't get duped out of a month's pay trying to get in the door.

Rather than chancing that the faceless dude you just PayPaled 3K to is going to meet you promptly at the Opera House doors and usher you inside, maybe you should just stay home in your ...And Justice For All tank and stream Lars and the gang on Napster, because that's a thing that you can do now.


metallica napster

The year is 2016 and Metallica are back on Napster

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