mac demarco on tmz

Mac DeMarco was on TMZ and it was surprisingly tame

Of all the things we'd expect Mac to be on TMZ for, this is weirdly PG.

- Nov 18, 2016

Of all the things Mac DeMarco might make TMZ for, recreating a photo wouldn't have been what I guessed. Especially not one this PG. But here he is, "an indie rocker" gracing the ultimate reality TV-era tabloid, drawing groanworthy wisecracks between comically large sips of cola.

When the interviewer tells him he's from TMZ, Mac says "really?" It's almost more surreal than watching him beg for selfies from Fred Penner on the Junos red carpet.

Mac DeMarco The Reporter: Live on a Red Carpet

Now that he's on TMZ's radar, just wait 'til they find about what else he'll do if you stick a camera in his face. Next time they might have a drumstick handy.

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