dufferin starship

This band is the result of a Bunz trade

Dufferin Starship drop a charming jangle-pop ode to trading.

- Nov 16, 2016

It started as a Bunz trade: one orange Stratocaster for a new set of bike wheels. According to an interview they gave to Indie88, Bobby Dalrymple met James O'Brien in Toronto's west end to make the swap, then immediately regretted it. An offer to come borrow it turned into a Geary Lane jam session and, soon enough, they had a band.

Dufferin Starship's first single, "I Would Trade Anything For Love," is a jangly, lo-fi little guitar-pop number with a bit of a Jens Lekman or early Hooded Fang vibe, which is to say it's instantly charming and also ever-so-slightly cutesy. The met-on-Bunz origin story might not push them over the line of twee if not for the fact that the Meatloaf-referencing lyrics are about trading itself.

Dufferin Starship - I Would Trade Anything For Love (Official Video)

A quick search of the once-secret Bunz Trading Zone Facebook group, where about 60,000 cool Torontonians swap bottles of wine and TTC tokens for succulents and iPhone chargers (but never money), finds little evidence of the trade. A search of the players involved also comes up blank, despite the mention in the Indie88 interview of "other projects," which suggests these might be pseudonyms. (A request for comment has not yet been answered.)

You'd almost think it's a stealthy promotion for Bunz, if not for the fact that journalists barely need extra incentive to write about Bunz.

Still, ISO-story or not, Dufferin Starship makes a good enough first impression to make us look forward to their new EP, Not in Service, whose proceeds will all go to the Parkdale food bank. In the meantime, you can purchase Dufferin Starship's first single for 99 cents on iTunes or, I'm assuming, a couple of tallcans.

UPDATE: Here's the whole EP, Not In Service, available exclusively on the Bunz app starting tomorrow. Stream it and find out how to get it below.

To get it, "PM this account to meet us at 401 Richmond and when you bring in some donations we'll give you the secret code to our album! If you can't make it to meet us then post a picture in the comments of you donating a food item to a food bank or collection box and then PM us."

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