doomsquad - who owns noon in sandusky?

FULL SCREEN: DOOMSQUAD reset our clocks (and brains)

PLUS: more psychedelic madness from Jons and Fresh Snow.

- Nov 10, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, DOOMSQUAD turn everyday life into a carnival, JONS melt into the moment, and Fresh Snow take us on a real trip.

DOOMSQUAD, "Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?"

DOOMSQUAD - Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?

The title "Who Owns Noon in Sandusky?" comes from an old rally cry. The railroad companies wanted to standardize time across the towns they serviced to keep trains on schedule, which meant discarding time as it was locally kept. The citizens of Sandusky, Ohio, organized a rally to reclaim their local time, shouting, "Who owns noon in Sandusky?' 'We do!' 'We own noon in Sandusky! We do!"

The video with that name from Toronto trio DOOMSQUAD, directed by Jesi the Elder, uses costumes that turn forward into backwards, down into up, and dull, everyday life into a carnival. This is one for those who prefer to set their own clock.

DOOMSQUAD's Total Time is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.

Fresh Snow, "I Can't Die"

Fresh Snow // I Can't Die

Directed by Benjamin Portas, the video for Fresh Snow's psych voyage "I Can't Die" explores a series of virtual spaces where eras, aesthetics, and technologies are crisscrossed and compounded. It's a de Chirico painting reimagined as a level in Doom or the work of Dali trying to do an Al Jarnow animation he once saw but with Microsoft Paint. In short: a real trip.

Fresh Snow's One is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.

Jons, "Gutter Master"

Jons - Gutter Master

The liquid light show was a staple of '60s psych and '70s prog concerts. On the surface of an overhead projector, layers of coloured oil and water (or alcohol) are heated and manipulated into swirling patterns. In "Gutter Master," Victoria-based psych pop outfit Jons do some nebular swirling of their own, bathed in projector light, melting into the moment.

Jons At Work On Several Things is out now. Purchase it here.

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