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Justin Bieber showed up alone at a Toronto pub and played piano covers

Watch Bieber play "Sorry," The Beatles, and Beethoven at a random Toronto bar.

- Nov 7, 2016
Photo by: @patszac

Lately, Justin Bieber has been in an autumnal mood. In the midst of his 23rd year, he's been struck, it seems, by a tendency for self-reflection. What truly is his purpose?

He walked off stage recently in Manchester when fans wouldn't let him speak his piece. And then, Friday, the latest plot point in the young pop star's existential crisis: he showed up at a Toronto bar to watch basketball when he was overcome by the lonely presence of the keyboard sitting unplayed in the corner of the room and set to it like a moody hotel lounge performer.

Bieber turned up solo at the Fifth Pubhouse at Duncan and Richmond in Toronto to watch the Raptors-Heat game and have a low-key brewski, TMZ reports. The spirit(s) must've moved him, because he asked the staff if he could try his hand at the house keyboard. The Fifth Pubhouse obviously obliged and Bieber treated the patrons there to barroom sing-along versions of "Sorry," The Beatles' "Let It Be," and "Für Elise."

For his talents, the bar comped his tab. Usually, they just tell me to get out.

Full Justin Bieber performance playing piano at Fifth Pub House - Toronto, Canada, November 4, 2016

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