DANA combines The Weeknd and Marilyn Manson on “Up & Down”

The Toronto-born singer drops a dark R&B horror jam. PLUS: new vids from Casper Skulls and Blonde Elvis.

- Nov 2, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, DANA plays basketball with a severed head, Blonde Elvis can't get a word in, and Casper Skulls burn it all down and start fresh.

DANA, "Up & Down"


Dana Wright used to play in the Toronto punk/metal band Dentata before moving to Los Angeles, becoming a model, and starring in Weeknd videos. Over the past year or so she's been releasing music again, and it sounds like it's been heavily influenced by early Weeknd: gothy electronic R&B dripping with sex (the kind with no emotion anywhere near it), narcotic numbness, and dark horror undertones. She calls them "stripper jams" — music "for strippers, by strippers."

Her new "Up & Down" is a gender-flipped answer to "Or Nah," the Ty Dolla $ign hit with what might be Abel Tesfaye's most unabashedly filthy verse ever. Why do dudes get to own the whole fucking-without-feelings genre (and get a free pass for their misogyny) when you can have DANA singing lines like "I don't need a fucking saviour... this pussy so good you gone have to sign a waiver" or "and if I had the eyes that I have now / I would have never let you eat me out"?

"I just want there to be more songs for women that empower them and switch the role that is portrayed in popular music in general," she says, speaking feminist truth to power while describing a video in which she shoots hoops with a severed head. "I wanted to reference the music video 'Tainted Love' by my idol Marilyn Manson so I got a friend that looked the most like him and designed everything myself from lighting to styling. Visuals are very important for me and this video is exactly what was living in my head for this song."

If I had seen it sooner, this would be the only video I'd have watched on Halloween. - Richard Trapunski

Blonde Elvis, "Girls of Israel"

Blonde Elvis - Girls Of Israel

In the "Girls of Israel" video, directed by Paul Hanlon, Blonde Elvis' Jesse James Laderoute plays our hero, a celestial figure who, try he might, can't seem to get a word in edgewise. Every time he cracks his lips to speak, he's interrupted. And though, frustratingly, his mind goes unaired, people adore him. They applaud even his presence. He's become a living symbol. - Chris Hampton

Casper Skulls, "Love Brain"

Casper Skulls - Love Brain [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

For those who've ever wanted to leave it all behind, the video for Casper Skulls' "Love Brain," directed by Shawn Kosmerly, imagines a girl who gathers up her belongings, runs away, and torches the cardboard box containing her past life in the middle of the woods, presumable to begin anew. Wildfires destroy, but they also signal regrowth. - Chris Hampton

Casper Skulls' Lips & Skulls is out now on Buzz Records.

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