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Jeopardy! writers keep making Alex Trebek rap, despite his obvious hatred for it

Trebek gets extra-condescending any time a contestant proves their hip-hop knowledge. Here's proof.

- Oct 27, 2016

Hello, my fellow kids. It’s me, Alex Trebek, and I love that boom bap. That’s wiggity-wiggity-wiggity wack, am I right?

That was probably the first draft of an effort to rehabilitate Alex Trebek’s image of an intolerant geezer after he trashed a contestant for her appreciation “nerdcore” rap two weeks ago live on air.

Sadly, we weren’t treated to Trebek sporting backwards clothing, but what we did get was a nod to Trebek's fellow Canadian Drake. A readout of Drake and Future’s smash summer hit “Jumpman” in Trebek’s stilted, cheeky lilt almost acted as an apology for his latest act of snark.

Okay, it probably wasn’t a direct reference to nerd rap. Still, Trebek made sure to bust out his best Weston Road flow to read out the lines. Maybe it was a birthday present to Drizzy himself, or maybe it was just another treat from Jeopardy! writers who seem to love forcing Trebek to be the hot fire MC they know he is. Despite his unabashed condescension, they just keep throwing hip-hop questions at him.

Here's a couple of instances of this phenomenon.

Our personal fave. In a category actually called “MC Trebek In Da Hizz-ouse,” Nelly and Snoop Dogg’ tracks “Hot In Here” and “Gin and Juice” were the first answers. Contestant Amanda knew them right off the bat, which brought out Trebek's trademark hip-hop-phobia.

“You’re right again,” Trebek said after her second correct answer “but you’ve got a wasted youth, I fear.”

(This doubles as an honorary mention for the upcoming #ThanksgivingClapback season.)

Jeopardy: Eminem "Rap God" Question

In this clip it's Johnny Gilbert who does the rapping, using his announcer voice for the Eminem line “I’m beginning to feel like a Rap God." But it shows a rare bit of self-awareness for "I call it crap music"-mode Trebek, who, when the crowds gets a chuckle, acknowledges that Twitter will be alight momentarily with 🔥 memes.

Maybe he's paying attention after all.


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