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Listen to Peaches and Chilly Gonzales tell the hilarious story of how they met

How two nerdy Jewish kids linked up, got high, and started making pubes-out sex jams.

- Oct 25, 2016

I've interviewed both Peaches and Chilly Gonzales and I can tell you they're both compelling musicians and thinkers, backing their music with more thought-out politics and theory than your usual dildo-wielding sex jams.

The two Canadian expat songwriters reunited for Red Bull Music Academy to talk about their long and fruitful decades-spanning collaboration and, naturally, it's both hilarious and fascinating.

Peaches and Gonzo Rashomon their way through their meet-weird, giving their complimentary (and occasionally conflicting) stories of how the two nerdy Jewish kids came from different directions to get high, jam, and invent their crude, pubes-out alter egos: Peaches and (then) Thermometer, a.k.a. The Shit.

In the "Fireside Chat," streaming above, you'll also get a ton of their music and the stories behind it. We're sharing it in prep for Le Gonzervatoire, the culmination of Chilly Gonzales' RBMA "Gonzervatory," a real-life week-long version of his brilliant pop-deconstructing Masterclass series. He's been working with a handful of Red Bull Music Academy students in Montreal, and now they collaborate on a full recital.

Chilly Gonzales' Le Gonzervatoire: En Concert avec Chilly Gonzales takes place tomorrow, October 26, at Le Gesù in Montreal as part of Red Bull Music Academy.


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Chilly Gonzales Explains It All

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